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Glopinion unlocks the intelligence of your team. Anywhere. Anytime.

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Glopinion beta is currently exclusively available for select academic partner institutions. Get in touch if you would like to apply to participate in our closed beta.

Easy content capture

Capture readings on any device through browser extensions or email.

Intelligent insight mining

Instantly extract and categorize insights from any text you read.

Powerful peer networks

Instantly share and review insights in your trusted networks.

Smart search and synthesis

Access the combined knowledge of your network anytime and anywhere.

Convenient reporting

Receive comprehensive insight reports on issues, individuals and more.

Personal and team analytics

Evaluate and benchmark your performance individually and as a team.

A cross-platform solution for capturing your „aha moments“

Extract key insights from your readings no matter what platform, browser or format, and store them in your personal cloud; thanks to automatic concept recognition you will find them the moment you need them.

Opera Soon
Edge Soon
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A community platform to turn information into shared insights

Create a project, invite your peers, and start mining insights; a smart dashboard helps you assess and benchmark your own and your team’s performance.

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A user-experience designed for the mobile generation

Skip through and evaluate the insights captured by your team with a simple swipe; who said that knowledge work needs to be slow and dry?

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A new paradigm for tapping into the wisdom of your network

Meet Globot, a smart conversation bot that helps you navigate the knowledge of your network and extract a synthesis of the top rated insights.

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